TNLA Member Benefits

TNLA provides members the tools they need to succeed in the nursery/landscape business:

Advocacy - protecting the interests of the nursery/ landscape industry

Knowledge - the power to work smarter and increase your bottom line

Connections - the people who can help both you and your business grow

Professionalism - the difference that makes the sale

Savings - member discounts for everyone in the TNLA family

 Advocacy - protecting the interests of the nursery/landscape industry

TNLA is the only organization representing the nursery/landscape industry at the Texas State Capitol year-round along with monitoring and interacting with State agencies. TNLA is actively involved in lobbying and representing the interests of the Green Industry.  Click here to learn more.

Legislative and Regulatory Updates - Broadcast faxes, emails, and the TNLA website keep you up-to-date on legislative and regulatory activities.

 Professionalism - the difference that makes the sale

TNLA members work together to build a
cumulative image of professionalism by:

•Being listed in the online product &
services finder for landscape and retail
firms on the consumer website

• Displaying TNLA Member plaques
and decals

• Using the TNLA logo on all printed
business materials and your website

• Adhering to the TNLA Code of Ethics

• Displaying awards received in the
Texas Excellence in Landscaping (TEIL)

• Certifying your employees through
TNLA certification programs

• Displaying Texas Certified Professional
certificates where customers can
regularly see them

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 Connections the people who can help both you and your business grow

TNLA members are part of a community, a support group of over 1200 nursery/landscape businesses.

Connect regionally by:

•Attending region meetings

•Serving on a regional committee or task force

•Enjoying social events

•Keeping up with what’s happening through regional newsletters and visiting your region web page

Connect to the state organization by:

•Meeting and greeting at the Annual TNLA Awards Ceremony

•Listing your job openings on TNLA’s online Job Link at

•Keeping up with the TNLA social network by visiting TNLA ’s LinkedIn page, becoming a fan on Facebook, or following TNLA on Twitter

•Seeing what’s new at the Nursery/Landscape Expo

•Keeping up by reading TNLA Green magazine

•Finding business to business vendors using the company/product search

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 Knowledge - the power to work smarter and increase your bottom line       

EXPO Education - Held annually in August, full-day seminars on industry-specific topics.

TNLA Green Magazine - Monthly online magazine sent to business owners and industry professionals covering Association news and Green Industry business growth topics.

Region Meeting Speakers - Most regions have monthly meetings offering education and tours of facilities.

•Region Newsletters - Most regions distribute a monthly newsletter to keep you up-to-date on regional issues.

•Industry Website - Comprehensive up-to-date information about industry issues and events. Business to business product and services finder.

TNLA Certifications - TNLA offers three certifications: Texas Certified Nursery Professional (TCNP), Texas Certified Landscape Professional (TCLP), and Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional (TMCNP) and Water Smart. All exams are now available online.

•Especially for Employees - All employees of member firms are entitled to attend educational events at a special reduced member price.

Online Nursery Professional Training - This 45-minute web-based training covers sales and service techniques for all nursery professionals. It also aides in the preparation of the Merchandising section of the TCNP exam.

Basic Botany Online Training - Phase two of our Online Retail Training, covers basic parts and functions of a plant, plant growth, nutrition, origin of plant nomenclature, plant Latin names and definitions, and basic botanical name construction. It also aides in the preparation of the Culture section of the TCNP exam. 

LandscapePro I and II Online Trainings - This course provides basic landscape instruction, including: safety and first aid, landscape design and plan reading, landscape installation and maintenance, landscape maintenance equipment, and landscape pruning. It also aides in the preparation of the TCLP exam. 

Best of Texas Landscape Guide - A comprehensive guide for Texas landscapes listing over 350 plant species shown in full-color. The Guide contains information about growing areas in Texas reflecting not only temperature, but soil type and rainfall. It’s especially prepared by the Texas Certified Nursery Professional Committee of TNLA, working with horticultural experts and designers at Horticultural Printers. Proceeds from the Guide support TNLA Certification programs and promotes professionalism in the industry.

Certification Training Manuals - Texas Certified Landscape Professional Study Manual and Texas Certified Nursery Professional Study Manual serve as the textbooks for the TCLP and TCNP Certification exams. These manuals were developed by Texas AgriLife Extension under the direction of TNLA’s Certification Committee.

Economic Impact and Economic Scope Reports - For over 20 years, TNLA has produced these reports, which analyze the economic scope and impact of the nursery/floral industry in Texas.

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 Savings - member discounts for everyone in the TNLA family

TNLA members not only enjoy substantial discounts on TNLA products and services, they also gain access to a wide array of money-saving opportunities via its unique relationships with Member Benefit Partners and Endorsed Service Providers (ESPs). To experience the power of membership, visit our Member Discounts page.       

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